International Triathlon Holten 2015

Again a international Triathlon Holten in 2015! A Premium Cup and Junior Cup will be orginized by Stichting Thriathlon Holten. Besides the international race again 1200 age-groupers will start in Holten. On Saturday 4th Holten will organize a international topsportevent. The swim in the Domelaar, the bike in the national park the Holterberg and a the run in senic Holten with a lot of public. And not only the races will be special also the opening and after party will be held in the famous Holten way. 


Dutch Rachel Klamer wins Holten Triathlon European...

A Dutch victory in Holten. Rachel Klamer changed very quickly after the bike race and ran a steady race in which she developed a  [ ... ]

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Russian Dmitry Polyanskiy wins Holten Triathlon Pr...

At the 30th edition of the Holten Triathlon Dmitry Polyanskiy finished first. The 28-year old inhabitant of Moscow was the third  [ ... ]

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Bence Bicsák from Hungary wins Holten Triathlon Ju...

The young Hungarian Bence Bicsák won in Holten. In the time of 57:35 he jumped over the finish. Running is what he enjoys most.  [ ... ]

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French Margot Garabedian wins Holten Triathlon Jun...

The race of the junior women was dominated by the French. Margot Garabedian finshed first. It was her first time in Holten. She c [ ... ]

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